Alicia Keys, Halle Berry Band Together to Stand Up to Cancer

Cancer ripped a hole through my family fabric over 15 years ago when it took away my grandmother and uncle, and it continues to leave a void over the lives of millions of women, men and children today. But that doesn’t mean we can’t act as a shield against it, if we band together and stand up to cancer for our children, parents and grandparents it will go away like the bully it is.

Hear why these celebs are standing up to cancer:

Alicia Key’s performs “Not Even the King” at Third Annual  Stand Up To Cancer Telethon in honor of her grandmother.

@aliciakeys 31 Aug · #istandupfor my nana taken by cancer in2006 &4every1fighting! StandUp2Cancer w me& @SU2C

Halle Berry, rocking an ‘In Memory’ tee for lost friends and family, talked about the importance of women getting regular checkups as a preventative measure at the Telethon. Halle is Revlon’s Global Ambassador and will release a TSA this month raising awareness about cancer.

Samuel Jackson urged our husbands, brothers and grandfathers to MAN up and get prostrate screenings. Well said, Sam.

The telethon raised $81 million in pledges and will go towards cancer research. Donations are still being accepted at

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