Halle Berry and Emma Stone Lend their Lips to Good Cause

Read Halle Berry and Emma Stone’s lips: breast cancer is preventable if treated early. The two Revlon ambassadors convey–with flawless makeup I might add–that women have a greater chance of survival if they get checkups regularly. This is the very first Revlon public service announcement that highlights “Your Lips can Save Lives” campaign to empower women to talk about cancer awareness.

“We came together to spread a message,” said Berry. “We sort of did a play on how we can use our lips, while wearing lipstick, to laugh, to flirt and to spread the word about cancer and encourage other women to do the same. I hope that our message will be well received, because early detection is really one of the best ways to fight cancer.”

Berry has also been an advocate  for ovarian cancer. In 2008 she participated in a print PSA for the cause.

“Your Lips can Save Lives” campaign will run nationwide starting this month.

Sources: RevlonCares, DoSomething.org

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