Tyra Banks Presents The Flawsome Ball to Promote TZONE Foundation

Tyra Banks looking flawless at Flawsome Ball in NYC

Flaws.  It’s a word you don’t hear to often when describing a super model like Tyra Banks, but it’s one she would like to hear young girls use more often when describing themselves. However, unlike the original word used to illustrate a person’s weakness, Ms. Banks coined her own term:  “flawsome.”

“My main mission is to get girls to realize their inner and outer beauty and have high self-esteem with both,” Banks tells US Weekly. “‘Flawsome,’ for me, is about being flossy, amazing and awesome with our flaws and celebrating those, too.”

An effort that was the building blocks for her organization, TZONE, founded in 1999, that aims to foster self-esteem and independence in pre-teen and teenage girls.

“I launched the Tyra Banks TZONE foundation with my own money because I feel I have a responsibility to lead by example and bring attention to the issues facing young girls and young women,” says Banks.

Tyra Banks and girls with TZONE Foundation

This month, Banks rolled out the yellow carpet and hosted the Flawsome Gala to raise funds for programs and community space in NYC for TZONE. The numbers aren’t in yet, but with performances from Drake (ASIDE: who recently got his high school diplmoa (kudos!!) and Soledad O’Brien and Rosario Dawson as co-hosts I’m sure the money will be rolling in for the foundation’s space, which is set to open in 2013.

More Tidbits from Gala:

Each Flawsome table had a theme that described a flaw. Tyra’s table was:

Tyra’s table centerpiece is her big forehead

Drake performed three tracks :  “Take Care”, “The Motto” and “Make Me Proud.” Fun Times!!


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Tyra Bank’s Twitter


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