P. Diddy & Russell Simmons Share Business Tips to Young Entrepreneurs


With an unemployment rate hovering over 8 percent and a majority of the country’s workers only holding down part-time work to pay the bills, it’s no secret that you have to find creative ways to keep the checks coming in. So whether it’s a side hustle or plowing your own way down a rocky path towards independence vis-á-vis a new business, we realize somewhere down the road we need mentors. Imagine if they were business icons Russell Simmons, P. Diddy and Daymond  John from Shark Tank? Well…you are in luck because they may be able to pencil you in. The three entrepreneur extraordinaires have teamed up with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to volunteer their time and guidance to young businessmen and women…for a price. You get to bid on the three in an online auction hosted by charitybuzz from April 9th to 30th.

If you’re heart was set on having a one-on-one sesh with Daymond Lewis. Hate to break it to you, but he’s been sold for $20,000. Not to shabby for a shark.

Winners of the auction will meet with the tycoon and their respected teams and pitch ideas, in addition to receiving feedback. The money raised in the auction will go towards developing programs for NFTE, a global nonprofit that inspires low-income kids to stay in school and work towards being business leaders.

*Slams Gavel* LET THE BIDDING COMMENCE!!! heheheh…I always wanted to say that, er, write it.

Check P. Diddy’s inspiring message to the future Warren Buffett’s and Bill Gates’

If you Bl;nkedKing Bey wants to put her hive to work. She has launched an online auction for tickets to her highly anticipated Mrs Carter Show world tour. Bidders have a chance to win VIP tickets to see the divalicious star and help the millions that are unemployed all at once. Money used to bid on the tickets will go to support job creation programs such as Goodwill. Here is what Baddie Bey had wrote on Facebook about this joint venture:

Goodwill helps people get back to work by providing education, job training and placement. I wanted to team up with an organization that puts people first and works everyday to help them improve and re-establish their lives. -Beyoncè

Concertgoers can bring clothing and electronics to the Mrs Carter Show and be entered in a raffle to receive a special gift from Bey.

Sources: Look to the Stars, Celebrity Buzz

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