If You’re Happy And You Know It…Show Pharrell

Pharrell with the magic hat singing about his "Happy"ness.  Image Courtesy: Facebook
Pharrell with the magic hat singing about his “Happy”ness.
Image Courtesy: Facebook

Pharrell is taking his exuberance to whole ‘nother level. The mega singer/producer has teamed up with the United Nations Foundation to celebrate the global day of happiness on March 20th. So, if you’re happy please show it by submitting a Youtube video or if a snapshot of your euphoria is more your speed, you can enter those too. Not only does this bliss campaign tie-in with Pharrell’s international smash song “Happy,” but his push is also to help make history creating the world’s first 24 hour music video.

You can submit your video now by clicking here, and on March 20th Pharrell will choose the crème de la crème of delight to appear in the video premiere at noon.

And who is this helping?

Well, the campaign’s goal is hoping you’ll be so Tom-Cruise excited that you’ll be willing to loosen those purse strings to give coins to the most critical areas on the globe that need it. Specifically, the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund that helps countries suffering from massive disasters .

Well, I’m all for this cause just to shake my booty to Pharrell’s song, but anything that makes people happy these days (so impossibly rare) I’m for. Let’s spread this “Happy.”


Well, look who’s getting happy? “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Cynthia Bailey (and The Bailey Agency) dusted off her dancing shoes and took to the studio–maybe next door to Ms. Nene “Rich Bitch” Leakes–to lift their joy-filled feet off the ground.  Hey, ABC, you may have another Dancing Star in your midst. Check out the video below.

Alright, Ms. Bailey we see you twerking.

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