Teavana’s Tea Time with Oprah Helps Youth Education Programs

I'll drink to supporting four charities. Image Courtesy: Seattle PI
I’ll drink to supporting four charities.
Image Courtesy: Seattle PI

Here’s one more favorite thing of Oprah’s we can go bat shit cray about. (Oprah fans hold your breath and tea aficionados  grip your mugs.) The media maven has teamed up with Starbucks to create her own customized Chai tea that’s described as a mix of “cinnamon, ginger, cardamon(?) and cloves blended with loose leaf black tea and rooibos(?).

Not to sure about all the ingredients, but I’m curious enough to try a free sample. The Oprah Chai tea hits Starbucks and Teavana April 29th. Just in time for Mother’s Day *wink*wink*

And to sweeten the (tea)pot even more, Oprah will give “allllllll of the proceeds” to help youth education, like with The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation that drives her Academy for Girls in South Africa, guiding young girls to be college educated.

The money will also be raised for Pathways to College, an org helping high school kids through the college application process; Dream Academy, a national mentoring program for at risk youth; Girls, Inc., non-profit that equips young girls to embrace their best selves and overcome social hurdles; National Cares Mentoring Movement, a community engagement that aims to shelter kids from impoverished circumstances by mentoring.

Oprah spills the tea on the hush-hush partnership to Starbucks shareholders alongside the CEO, Howard Schultz, click the link below.

When you offered me this opportunity, okay, I wanna give the money back, and give it back to organizations that help kids that were like me to become the best they can be.



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