WCW | Miss USA Deshauna Barber Takes Part in Girls’ Mentoring Camp


Straighten your crown, girls. I know it’s bound to be crooked with the lack of recognition and value given to you.

Luckily, there is someone to teach you how–Miss USA Deshauna Barber.

The country’s royal highness/ lieutenant in U.S. Army Reserves paid a visit to Steve Harvey’s mentoring camp for girls last weekend in Atlanta.

Deshauna held a panel discussion with Marjorie Harvey (Steve Harvey’s wife) and Brandi Harvey (and daughter.) Followed by a Q &A with some of the 100 teenagers at the camp.

She may have even whipped the youg’uns in shape, during their 5 am wake up workouts. Hoo-rah, indeed.



The Girls Who Rule The World camp was also filled with makeovers, ziplining and rock climbing. All the activities fearless females do.

Check below for Deshauna’s take on what how to be a girl that rules the world.


The GWRW camp was launched–through the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation– “to fostering excellence in youth. Cultivating the next generation of responsible leaders.”

Let’s keep those crowns straight, girls


Michelle Obama took to Broadway to promote “Let Girls Learn,” and it’s so empowering

Michelle Obama Helps Broadway Shine A Light On Girls' Global Education

(Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

Our incredible First Lady Michelle Obama has been a powerful advocate for educating women and girls for all of her years in the White House, and we are SO behind that message. Michelle started the initiative called “Let Girls Learn,” which is an organization that tackles many of the issues that prevent adolescent girls around the world from getting an education. Yesterday, Michelle hosted an event on Broadway to raise awareness for this cause that is so close to her heart.


The event was held in the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre in New York City, with hilarious comedian Stephen Colbert as the emcee. Michelle spoke in front of a theater full of the spouses of global heads of state who are in town for the U.N. General Assembly, and implored them to make this an issue.Billboard reported some of Michelle’s impassioned speech.

“I want to be clear that as First Lady of the United States I have no budget of my own for programs, I have no authority to make or pass laws, and I cannot issue any kind of executive orders. When people hear the stories of girls who aren’t in school they want to help. And as spouses of world leaders, so many of us here in this room have platforms to tell these stories and bring people together to take action for these girls.”

Michelle called on her fellow influential women to use their power to ensure that girls are given the opportunity to get an education.


Performers came from Wicked, The Color Purple, Beautiful: The Carole King Musicaland Waitress. These performers included Cynthia Erivo, who recently won a Tony for her incredible performance in The Color Purple. Billboard also quoted her thoughts on the historic day.

“The thing about me that is most important is that I’m a young Broadway actress, but I’m also female. So I have a vested interested in other young women learning and being confident in themselves.”

The keynote speakers were three young women who spoke from their own experiences of overcoming obstacles to get an education.


Noor Abu Ghazaleh of Jordan, Summyka Qadir of Pakistan, and Halima Robert of Malawi spoke about the kinds of extreme obstacles in their path to an education such as child marriage, poverty and an indifference to women’s education. But despite all of these hardships, these young women were able to achieve their goals of learning and growth. The post above details the story of Halima of Malawi.

At the age of 15, Halima was forced to leave her education behind and marry a man twice her age. Weeks into marriage, Halima told her husband that the Mother Group, a community group of women that supports girls and fight for their right to go to school, would come looking for her once they learned that she had been married off. And they did. They found Halima and helped her break free of her marriage and return to her an education. Now, Halima works with @USAID’s ASPIRE program and serves as a role model in her class as she is still able to achieve top grades despite missing months of school.”

That is SUCH an inspiring story, and we are so glad to see such a powerful collection of women coming together to make sure all young girls like Halima have access to education. According to the First Lady, 62 million girls around the world aren’t in school, and we are very supportive of all of Michelle Obama’s efforts to change that.


To find out how you can help or contribute, check out the Let Girls Learn website, which details ways that we can get involved.

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IYB Woman Crush Wednesday | ‘Virgin Power! Virgin Pride!’

To say I have a crush on all seven of these Zimbian beauties–lined up in a row like blooming tulips in a nursery–would be an understatement.

Each 9-year-old taught me more about their struggles with abandonment, rape, AIDS and lack of education in their country than any NGO report ever could. With passion and poise each preteen girl stepped up and demanded to be heard. And seen for who they truly are. Not to be victims, but victors (to borrow from Rev. Osteen.) They refuse to be discriminated against, bullied, belittled, infected or labeled just a wife and mother. They each have dreams and know hard work will achieve them. Girl Power!!

The four minute video–captured by tech company/NGO Keepod to get Zambian schoolkids digitally connected–caught the attention of Global Citizen. The global community seeking to find answers to the world’s biggest conundrums like poverty and hunger (good luck with those head scratchers) and throwing a summer concert around it, were surprised to find each young girl had the answers to each of there dilemmas.

Value them and all they’re worth: a country’s future.

Teavana’s Tea Time with Oprah Helps Youth Education Programs

I'll drink to supporting four charities. Image Courtesy: Seattle PI

I’ll drink to supporting four charities.
Image Courtesy: Seattle PI

Here’s one more favorite thing of Oprah’s we can go bat shit cray about. (Oprah fans hold your breath and tea aficionados  grip your mugs.) The media maven has teamed up with Starbucks to create her own customized Chai tea that’s described as a mix of “cinnamon, ginger, cardamon(?) and cloves blended with loose leaf black tea and rooibos(?).

Not to sure about all the ingredients, but I’m curious enough to try a free sample. The Oprah Chai tea hits Starbucks and Teavana April 29th. Just in time for Mother’s Day *wink*wink*

And to sweeten the (tea)pot even more, Oprah will give “allllllll of the proceeds” to help youth education, like with The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation that drives her Academy for Girls in South Africa, guiding young girls to be college educated.

The money will also be raised for Pathways to College, an org helping high school kids through the college application process; Dream Academy, a national mentoring program for at risk youth; Girls, Inc., non-profit that equips young girls to embrace their best selves and overcome social hurdles; National Cares Mentoring Movement, a community engagement that aims to shelter kids from impoverished circumstances by mentoring.

Oprah spills the tea on the hush-hush partnership to Starbucks shareholders alongside the CEO, Howard Schultz, click the link below.

When you offered me this opportunity, okay, I wanna give the money back, and give it back to organizations that help kids that were like me to become the best they can be.