Kevin Hart Surprises Lil Fundraiser with Large Donation in Philly Hometown


Last weekend may have been Kevin Hart’s birthday, but he was the one surprising fans with his big heart (awwww).  In a hometown visit to Philly the funnyman came across 8-year-old Kyshone Smith, while visiting his fav cheesesteak joint (Max’s Steaks, if you’re wondering), who was selling bottled water and homemade jewelry. Undaunted by Kevin’s entourage of fans and handlers Kyshone asked if he’d buy a bottled water.

“I want 20 bottles,” Hart reportedly said.

Kyshone was stunned by the large order, but the comedian quelled his anxiety by saying he was joking and handed him a crisp $50 before getting to those cheesesteaks.

Kyshone was with his grandmother, Janice Brown, who is using money raised for the water and jewelry to fund charities in recognition of her daughter and granddaughter (who was 11 months.) They were both killed when a driver ran into them on the sidewalk while attempting to get away from police.

“Even though his last name is Hart, he has a great heart. He hasn’t forgotten about where he comes from,” Brown told

Kevin’s goodwill tour also included posting a funny Instagram video of him supporting the local bootleg DVD man by purchasing Think Like a Man Two!!!

Sounds like a memorable 35th b-day, Kev.

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