Rapper Young Jeezy Donates $1 Million to Real Estate Academy


On the heels of Young Jeezy’s arrest– for an AK-47 found on his tour bus that wasn’t his, but connected to a Wiz Khalifa concert shooting–he’s giving back to future Donald Trump-type captains of real estate.

The “Seen It All” lyricist pulled a $1 million dollar check out his wallet as a donation to the Jay Morrison Academy; an online school that offers coaching in real estate deals.

Because of Young Jeezy’s generous donation through his Street Dreamz Foundation, which looks for opportunities to give back to communities in need for over a decade, 1,000 underprivileged students (including felons and single moms) can enroll for free.

And also cover the cost to textbooks and mentoring calls. Anyone else considering making a career change to take advantage of this sweet deal?

If you are, it will make Young Jeezy’s contribution worthwhile. This is what he said about his donation:

A wise man told me one time if you want to help your community give them something else to sell besides drugs, give them something else to sell. I think this is a great opportunity, for young entrepreneurs, for the young real estate guys who want to get into something else, even for the community overall.

Thanks for creating that something else, J.

For those interested in applying for the academy’s scholarship click here.

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