RARE SIGHTING: Janet Jackson Visits UNICEF Zaatari Refugee Camp


Janet (Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty) has made a rare public showing–fulfilling her six-to-eight month public appearance quota–at a Syrian children’s refugee camp in Jerusalem. The pop icon and her bajillionaire hubby, Wissam, visited UNICEF’s Za’atari camp that houses Syrian refugee children.


The couple talked with the kids, gave hugs and held up peace signs during their time together. The Za’atari camp is the world’s 2nd largest; aiding over 120,000 refugees, half of which are children.

Janet Jackson has been a vocal supporter of UNICEF; sending out call-to-action Facebook posts about displaced children and last year made a PSA to address child hunger in Central Africa.

Its been a year since Janet Jackson has been in the limelight, her last public appearance was at an amfAR cinema event that she co-chaired. Since the diva’s absence her most celebrated album–Rhythm Nation–marked its 25th anniversary. And sadly the issues she addressed are still not resolved, or as she succinctly puts it:

On the heels of Taliban brutally murdering more than 100 Pakistani children at school and Boko Haram still terrorizing North-eastern Nigerians–killing 33 people and kidnapping about 200 young men, women and children in a village— EVERYONE needs to give a damn.

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