Rapper J. Cole Offers Childhood Home to Single Moms


J. Cole knows what it’s like to be a homeowner (he did name his third album 2014 Forest Hills Drive after his hometown block in Fayetteville, N.C.) and wants single moms to have the same experience.

But not just any old house,the one he grew up in.

The Roc Nation rapper decided to loan out his home for two years to a deserving single mom that’s fallen on hard times (sadly, there are quite a few families to choose from in this situation.) and are owed the homeowner lifestyle. In a nutshell, live the American dream for 365 x 2, without getting a tab.

“So every two years a new family will come in, they live rent-free,” explains J. Cole in an interview with The Combat Jack Show. “The idea is that it’s a single mother with multiple kids, and she’s coming from a place where all her kids is sharing a room. She might have two, three kids, they’re sharing a room. She gets to come here rent-free. I want her kids to feel how I felt when we got to the house.”

In his latest LP, J. Cole talks about moving into the home as a game changer for his personal development. On his site he says:

“Having my own room allowed me turn into who I am. I enjoy privacy, I enjoy being by myself. That came from having my own room. Having my own room allowed me to shape myself.”

Kudos to the “Crooked Smile” rapper for passing over his house keys. May the new renters have the same lucky he did.

I will keep you posted on the deets for this rapper’s new charitable efforts.

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