Rapper Flo Rida Makes History With Charity

floridaRapper Flo Rida has upped his charity game by getting his org’s good works broadcast on Chideo, the first charity broadcast network.

The “Right Round” rapper was picked as Chideo’s guinea pig celebrity ambassador and he’ll showcase Big Dreams for Kids (his charity) programs, like the Florida Youth Football League. The rapper hopes the little league initiative will teach discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork. With the right leadership and commitment it can be a great foundation for kids.

“Professional success is one thing, but life success is another,” said Flo Rida in a statement. “I started Big Dreams for Kids because I know first-hand that if you have a dream and stay positive, there’s no way you can lose.”

Flo Rida also shouts out Chideo for helping him win.

“Chideo gives me a place to connect with my fans, to share ideas and to give them a window into what it means to live my dream. And the best part is that together, we have a chance to make the world a better place for lots of deserving kids.”

To spark interest in the new partnership, Flo Rida is offering three dream packages for deep pocket individuals with hearts of gold.

For those willing to donate $20K to Big Dreams for Kids will get Flo Rida as a workout buddy. And you get to do it in Miami. Airfare and hotel are included. It should be for 20G’s.

If you’re writing a check for $30,000, you and a guest get club experience Flo Rida. Once again airfare and hotel are included.

Finally, if a tax write-off for $50K is more your speed you’re entitled to the Flo Rida Insida experience: to appear in his new music video. And stay two nights in Miami. Jackpot!!

Regular folk, not able to plop down that much dough, are still eligible for an altered version of above listed prizes, as long as they donate between $10-$500.

Click here to donate

The deadline to enter is March 2nd.

Happy Giving!!

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