FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: Detroit man with 21-mile walk to work gets free car

photo courtesy: gofundme.com
James Robertson hitting the pavement to work. photo courtesy: gofundme.com

This story has been making the rounds on morning news shows, and I think its the perfect tale to kickoff a new section called Feel Good Friday. Every Friday, a story about strangers uplifting one person or persons will be shared on ifyoublinked.

This week I’ll start with James Robertson, 56. The Motor City native tugged at our heartstrings this week when his 42- mile journey between work and home became public. James makes the marathon-like trek, in brick weather nonetheless, starting at 8am, seven days a week, since 1988.

A bus carries him close to his destination, but it doesn’t replace his Honda that broke down years ago. His measley salary won’t allow him to fix it. And now he won’t have too.

Thanks to a college student–Evan Leedy, junior at Wayne State, starting a gofundme page to raise money to get James some new wheels. Forget a Honda, James can afford a Benz or Jag, if he so chooses, because lots and lots of generous souls surpassed his $25,000 goal. So far, his gofundme page has raised over $300,000.

He needed a lift and he certainly got one. If you want to give him an extra boost and donate to his campaign, click here.



Instead of dipping into his gofundme fund, James Robertson was given a free car by a Ford dealership in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The factory worker will be driving (instead of making his usual 21-mile trek) in a brand-new Suburban Ford, with a moon roof to boot.

And as for the money raised, he gets to pocket it.

Who says prayers aren’t answered?

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