Snoop Dogg Urges You to Unload Guns–From 401K Plan


When I was 12 my friend and I went to the local bodega across the street from our school. My father was late picking me up and two dollars was burning a hole in my pocket. While my friend was getting 75 cents worth of sour punch candies in the front, I went in the back to get an Arizona tea. Before I got to the register, yelling and screaming replaced kids laughter and chatter. Two boys from my class were fighting in the store. Until one of the kid’s parents ran into the bodega and pulled out a gun. He pistol whipped the boy until he was curled up next to the pool of chips strewn over the floor. It was the first time I saw the barrel of a gun. Luckily, it didn’t go off.

That’s my gun story. What’s yours? Sadly, nearly everyone has one. Given that we have the highest gun ownership rate it’s not surprising. What is is your investment in the creation and distribution of those guns through your 401K. Yup, you read that right. You may unknowingly be investing in the production of guns.

Wanna check if you are? Click here.

If you are, Snoop Dogg (or Lion, depending on how he feels) and tech leader Ron Conway want you to urge your financial advisor to divest from the gun industry.

The unlikely duo have started an anti-gun violence campaign to combat the gun epidemic plaguing communities. Snoop recruited his musician friends–Aloe Blacc and Jhene Aiko–as well as athletes–Matt Barnes of LA Clippers and Bobby Wagner of Seattle Seahawkes–to take part in a PSA using #Imunloading.

Conway is calling for tech companies to invest in more “socially responsible” gun-less investment options.

Hear hear!! The less Sanyhook’s and Virginia Tech stories we have to read about, the better off our world will be. So, #Imunloading for my future children.

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