Black Girls Run!! ‘OITNB’s’ Uzo Aduba Ran Boston Marathon for Breast Cancer Awareness

Crazy Eyes is running and Piper is no where in sight.  Image Courtesy: Facebook
Crazy Eyes is running and Piper is no where in sight.
Image Courtesy: Facebook

The city of Boston flexed its strength earlier this week during the Boston marathon. It’s the second anniversary since the Boston Bombing. Among Boston strong was Crazy Eyes. Only, in this case, they were more focused on the finish line.

“Orange is the New Black” star Uzo Aduba, a BU alum, crossed the finish line in five hours. Impressive. She told People she chanted to herself “just keep going.” That she did. But, why did she lace up her running shoes?

Two reasons: 1. To honor a close family friendly that died of breast cancer last year. She Sharpie-ed her name (Andrea) on her Dana Farber Marathon Challange running tee. And raised $10,000 for the org’s cancer research facility that studies the causes of the disease. 2. Uzo is a Boston bean and wanted to show support for the town still suffering from the terrorist act two years ago.

Here is what she told People:

It feels like the right thing to do. It still feel pretty raw, and with [the trial] it almost feels like a Band-Aid getting pulled back again. That’s where I grew up, where I learned what a marathon even was … to be a part of it, it feels particularly special.

I salute Uzo and all the runners that courageously took up the runner’s trail for those who couldn’t. Boston Strong!!

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