Feel Good Friday | Student Surprises Family with Unexpected Gift


Here’s a good argument for NOT using your indoor voice in public. It worked for 2-year-old Kinley Shufflebarger. She was strolling the toy aisles of Target with her mom, picking out her future b-day gifts, and spotted a dolly she just had to have. Like, right at that moment.

Overhearing the convo between mom and daughter, the stranger chatted up Kinley. Asked her to spot  her fave babydoll. He scooped it up. Disappeared. And returned to Kinley with his new purchase and her new doll.

“Happy Birthday. Enjoy your dolly,” he’s quoted saying.

Mom aka Megan Shufflebarger was so overwhelmed by his kindness she snapped a pic with the generous gentleman, but forgot to get his name. With the help of the Internet–she posted the pic that quickly went viral–mom uncovered his identity: Tario Fuller II,19, a freshman football player at Purdue University.

Tario’s good deed earned him local celeb status. The NCAA posted an article about him and Purdue’s athletic department sang his praises. But nothing tops Kinley’s mom’s recommendation.

“Tario is a good role model for kids these days. I hope our children remember this for years to come and remember what it means to ‘pay it forward.’ She told ABC News.

Well deserved.

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