Buy a 2 Chainz Holiday Sweater and Help Needy Families


Still trying to find a holiday gift for the guy or gal that has everything? Nothing says holiday bliss like a Dabbin’ Santa Christmas sweater. Brought to you by rapper 2 Chainz (neck accessories aren’t included) who is using the ugly Christmas sweaters’–finally a gift for the weed head in your life that doesn’t include a dime bag–profits to give to charity.

Specifically, the Def Jam rapper’s T.R.U Foundation, which launched in 2013 in Atlanta to “create life changing moments and help build a positive outcome for our young generation.”

Starting with Deirdre Plater, a disabled veteran and unemployed single mom based in Palmetto, GA.


2 Chainz got wind of Deirdre struggling to make ends meet after having back surgery, and gave her the gift every grown-up wants: free rent for a year. So jellies.


New furniture.

Check out how 2 Chainz surprised Deirdre and her son.

Awww…now I have to DAB my eyes. Get it? Lol…anyway, good look delivering a Christmas miracle, 2 Chainz


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