New Layout, Same Hustle


Change has finally come to IYB. In the form of a new layout, a Man Candy Monday section (it’s only fair!) and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media pages. This little blog has outgrown its pond and ready to plunge headfirst into the treacherous ocean of branding.

It’s never what I envisioned it being, TBH. I share Adele’s philosophy on the B-word. But if it means inspiring more people to give back as well as gain insight on Black celebs charitable handouts, it’s well worth getting drowned in ‘Work from Home’ spam posts.

With that said, feel free to look around-mi casa es su casa-and rest assured the content will remain the same. Only now you can marvel over the compassion of both Black girls and boys on Mondays and Wednesdays. How is that for magical?

And praise or complain about our posts on any one of our social media pages.

Drop me a line on what you love about the new space or what you don’t love so much. Please be kind.




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