Man Candy Monday | Arizona Cardinals’ Rodney Gunter Hands Out Easter Baskets


Arizona Cardinals’ Rodney Gunter gave away 100 Easter baskets to kids in his hometown of Lake Hamilton, Florida yesterday afternoon. 

The Delaware State grad, just shaking off his rookie season playing pro football last year, took to Twitter to announce his Easter bunny-like deed, minus the suit.

The gentle giant cited the religious holiday for being such a do-gooder, and the “much is given, much is expected” mantra played a part too.

Whatever the reason the kids seemed to love it, judging by the empty Easter baskets.


For those fancy enough to get an invite by the Obamas’ had those baskets refilled today at their last (sniff, sniff) Easter Egg Roll at the White House. Watch the First Couple read “Where the Wild Things Are” to the lucky kids below.







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