Woman Crush Wednesday | Misty Copeland Mentors School Kids Through Arts Program


Dancing queen Misty Copeland, the first Black principal dancer of ABT, gave a private dance lesson to a P.S. 284 student from Brooklyn on Monday at Steps on Broadway studio.

Through the elementary school’s Turnaround Arts program, which Misty’s a mentor of, Hyemel Roberts got to get up close and personal to the pioneer performer.

So, how did he spend it? Taking selfies (duh!) and dancing of course. Or, judging by the above pic, making each other dizzy with their Kid-n-Play like spin.

The Turnaround Arts program aims to use the arts to reform high risk schools.

A topic Misty and POTUS Obama likely touched upon in their intimate convo about race and opportunity with Time earlier this month. Read the full transcript here.

Keep it on pointe, Misty.

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