Man Candy Monday | Flo Rida Performs at Autism Rocks Charity Event

ZiGE9Og - Copy

Rappers Flo Rida and Tyga spent this weekend turning up in Dubai for an autism awareness event.

The Autism Rocks Festival–an annual family-friendly day of activities, including ziplining, laser tag and crazy golf (where do I sign up?) to raise money for autism research–is meant to kickoff April’s Autism Awareness Month.

The “I Don’t Like it, I Love it” rapper and his co-headliner had the crowd at The Dubai Outlet Mall (transformed into Autism Rocks Arena) bumping with new and old jams.


While Flo-Rida had their heads bopping to “Right Round,” Tyga dropped “Ayo” on ’em.


Autism Rocks, a London based charity org, boasts Drake, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble have helped raise money to study the development disorder that affects 1 in 68 people that impairs social skills.

Who says charity events aren’t the hottest tickets in town?

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