Rapper Lil Jon Opens Second School in Ghana


Lil Jon aka school master J (I made that up, btw) broke ground last month on his second school in Ghana.

The “Turn Down For What” rapper teamed up with Pencils of Promise charity–whose mission is to “provide educational tools to kids around the world”–to fund the West African primary schools.

Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School is the second school under the crunk rapper’s belt, and will enroll 313 children.

Abomayaw D.A. Kindergarten, also in the Mafi Atitekpo village, opened last October in honor of his late mother.

Lil Jon donated $70,000 to build both schools.

Because he saw a community in need when visiting last year. Telling CNN this:

“When I saw the conditions where these children were trying to learn, one community they had a big mango tree and two classes were sitting under the mango tree and that’s not a condition conducive with learning,” he told CNN. “Kids are going to get distracted, plus it’s extremely hot. It compelled me to want to do more.

The Grammy winner admitted having a kid in college also influenced him to open his wallet.

And the promise of a major payback.

“One of these kids could grow up to be a scientist, a lawyer, an astronaut, the president of their country. I could create an environment where all these things could happen.”


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