This is No Laughing Matter to Chris Tucker

So we’re all use to Chris Tucker making us laugh…okay, at least during his Friday and Rush Hour years.

Well, now our high-pitched voiced funnyman is getting deadly serious about saving Black men’s lives.

Chris Tucker is the new spokesperson for Prostate Cancer Foundation–an org dedicated to research and funding of prostate cancer–he’s joining the org to raise awareness for the huge differences between Black and White men facing prostrate cancer.

Three million men are diagnosed with the disease, but Black men are 74% more likely to get the illness in their 50s, and 2 times more likely to die, according to Look to the Stars.

“It was shocking for me to learn that African American men have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the U.S. most cancer and that prostate cancer is the number one diagnosed cancer among veterans.” says Chris in a statement.

Now we know.

To prevent this ugly disease from taking more of our Black men’s lives requires more research. Our men have to do their part too, like a change of lifestyle.

Good looking out, Chris.

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