Teen Helps Senior Citizens Get COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

The COVID-19 vaccination is right at our fingertips, but like the old guy in the commercial says, “you’ve gotta be quicker than that” to get those appointments.

Good thing 14-year-old Benjamin Kagan has a good heart and fast fingertips.

After seeing his grandparents struggle to get their vaccine appointments, Benjamin made it his mission to get seniors vaccinated by creating database Chicago Vaccine Angels.

Benjamin tracked where the latest vaccinations are located by searching state, federal and local websites.

He pooled all his resources (accumulated by trolling state, pharmacy and government websites) into a spreadsheet that included all senior citizens in need of vaccinations and available COVID-19 appointments.

“What we’re doing is we are just directly booking appointments for people that fill out our form, stating that they need help when they can’t book them,” explained Kagan to “Good Morning America.”

“Around 70 percent of the people that fill out our form are seniors, 65-plus here in Illinois, and they’re struggling so much to book these appointments because, like I said, they’re not tech-savvy and they’re not going to be able to book an appointment themselves. So really we’re all we have.” 

Sad but true.

Benjamin has helped over 1000 elders get their COVID-19 vaccine, since getting appointments for his grandparents.

Benjamin says it’s a big responsibility but someone has to do it.

Let’s all try to be that somebody. Until then test negative and stay positive. TGIF, folks!!

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