Macy Gray Supports Families of Police Brutality

Macy Gray in her glory. Instagram

Still trying to wrap my head around how another one of us has been murdered right before our eyes. Again.

Daunte Wright was only 20. In less than twenty minutes he was taken from this Earth because a “veteran” cop couldn’t tell the difference between a gun or taser.

It’s not hard to tell who the hunter and the prey is. And how many broken families are left behind as a result.

The only souvenirs are tear-stained cheeks and vows for justice.

Soul singer Macy Gray wants to provide more to victim’s families of police brutality.

The “I Try” crooner launched, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit in Fall 2020. My Good supports families of police brutality by providing finacial aid for funeral services and medical bills.

Therapy sessions with grief counselors and Zoom-based community groups are also offered.

Macy Gray told The Hollywood Reporter she was motivated to start the org as response to police brutality cases throughout US.

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that there are thousands of families in our country who are grieving from unaccountable deaths due to police brutality. We are here to identify those families and help them with grief counseling, legal and financial assistance,” Gray told THR. “I’ve spoken with a list of mothers who have lost their children in this unthinkable manner and they need help. Everyone grieves in different ways but the common thread is their question of how do they continue on — they need support and this is what we’re here to do.

Macy is quick to make clear My Good does NOT have an anti-police agenda. So please put away the blue lives matter picket signs.

Macy goes on to tell THR the org’s purpose is to do as much as they can to help grieving families cope.

Sad to say it’s very much needed.

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