Rapper Jadakiss Throws Food Giveaway in Yonkers to Honor DMX

DMX may be gone, but the love he showed his hometown of Yonkers is forever.

So it’s not a surprise rapper Jadakiss, a Yonkers native too, took up the charitable torch X left behind by hosting a food giveaway on Saturday in his old stompin’ grounds.

The Black Enterprise reports Jadakiss pulled up to Palisades Towers with boxes of fresh produce, vegetables and fruits to hand out to any and everyone.

The famed emcee and one-third of the iconic hip-hop group The Lox posted the food giveaway on Instagram Live.

In a video clip he says “Yo, right now, I’m in Palisade Towers, man. Come down here we giving out free food in honor of X we just dropped off wild boxes at School Street. Now, we in Palisade Towers.”

Jadakiss out in Yonkers streets in remembrance of DMX.

Jadakiss was not here to play. He unleashed a whole WHOA-sized tractor trailer (RIP Black Rob) on the neighborhood.

BEEP!! BEEP!! The food is here.

Soon after the boxes were unloaded, Jadakiss was stocking those shopping carts. Of course, DMX was blessing the speakers.

Jadakiss closed out the tribute by honoring his late great mentor DMX, alongside his group mates, at his public memorial service at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Jadakiss alongside all Ruff Ryders crew giving their flowers to DMX

Love to see how much X was appreciated.

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