Ciara and Russell Wilson Teach Kids to Invest Like Jay-Z

The Wilsons are our new financial gurus 📷 Ciara Instagram

Ciara and Russell Wilson continue to be couple goals!!

The quarterback and songbird didn’t let financial literacy month (It’s April, fam) pass, without giving a virtual lesson on investing and saving to middle school students at Denny International Middle School in Seattle.

Not only did the power couple give tips on how to turn a coin into a money bag, they opened $40 savings account for each student by donating more than $35,000.

“Financial literacy and building wealth is so important,” said the NFL star. “Ciara and I really wanted to talk to you all because we didn’t come from much and we had big visions, we had big goals, big dreams.”

Revolt TV reports Ciara and Russell’s Why Not Foundation teamed up with NFL Players Association and Goalsetter, a financial tech firm for the donations.

Ciara and Russell’s lesson plan was penned by Goalsetter, dubbed–“Building Wealth — A Blueprint to Financial Freedom Inspired by Hip Hop,” which modeled Jay Z’s investing choices.

All these things can pay back tremendously if you invest in them in the right way. … Investing is very powerful and it will also allow you to create an opportunity to build a legacy for your family,” Ciara said.

There are ground rules Goalsetter set in play for the youg’uns:

1) they can’t touch their savings account until 18

2) Debit cards will be distributed but, this is a big BUT, they are designed with a financial literacy quiz that must be played to get access to the coins. Otherwise the money is frozen. Ouch!!

3) Friends and family can add to the savings account.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, perhaps it also takes two millionaires to make a billionaire.

Either way, we’re here for it.

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