Megan Tha Stallion and Trae Tha Truth Surprise Fan with Shopping Spree

Meg and Trae holding down Houston with hot 💕

Talk about hotties with heart!

Houston rappers Megan Thee Stallion and Trae Tha Truth went BIG on their generosity by surprising a teenage fan with back-to-school shopping spree.

Jayden Buckley, 15, was raising money for school supplies by selling water on the corner of a gas station in Houston for three weeks.

Wow, even more impressed Jayden didn’t drink any of the water. Y’all know it’s hot as hell in the Longhorn state.

Trae Tha Truth got word through a viral post on Instagram and asked fans for lil dude’s contact info to help.

Jayden’s mom, Meka Buckley, linked up with Trae Tha Truth and the rapper bought school supplies for Jayden and his three siblings.

Trae wasn’t the only one steppin’ up the give back game after seeing Jayden hustlin for his family.

Revolt TV reports, security for Megan Thee Stallion scooped up Jayden and took him on another shopping spree.

Lucky kid, pretty sure he crossed the tablet and new clothes off his wish list.

Meka told Houston’s ABC13 that she is a widow and recently moved from ATL to Houston and hasn’t found a job yet, so money is tight.

“I’m just shocked because I never had anyone just bless me or my kids like this ever.(Jayden) was the happiest I’ve seen him like in a while.”

Super dope.

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