Lil Baby Throws Back-to-School Giveaway in ATL

Lil Baby helped kick the school year off right for kids in ATL.

The “Yes Indeed” rapper hosted a back-to-school drive on August 8 in the land of the peach (Atlanta, if you don’t know.) Where Lil Baby handed out school supplies, clothes and laptops for students.

Our Generation Music, a Hip-Hop blog, captured hundreds of kids walking away with much needed gear to finesse in school with on the ‘gram.

Lil Baby at back-to-school giveaway

Donations for the giveaway were made through Lil Baby’s Four The People Foundation, which had emblazoned tees on display at the back-to-school drive, according to Revolt.

Lil Baby told Billboard it’s his duty to give back to his community.

My life feels like a responsibility,” he told the outlet. “I’m not even trying to be no role model, honestly. [But] now that I know that I am, I try to carry myself differently because I got people watching. I don’t even be doing what I really want to do; I do what I gotta do now,”

“I maintain all the street principles: You got to give respect to get respect,” he continued. “My grandma used to tell me, ‘You’re a first-class citizen.’ I know in these rooms they assume for me to be a thug or a rapper, but I’m going in as a first-class citizen.”

Well, this first class citizen has gotten the attention of our first Black POTUS and first Black Vice President for his advocacy through artistry swag with double platinum protest song “The Bigger Picture” that came out during George Floyd protests last summer.

Good job, King.

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