Chris Tucker Hosts Covid Vaxx Event in Georgia

Comedian Chris Tucker took his MJ inspired kicks back to hometown of Decatur for COVID-19 vaccination drive on Saturday.

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, more than 2,100 people got vaccinated at Mall at Stonecrest in Dekalb County.

They also walked away with $100 prepaid debit cards for getting the shot.

That’s the kind of incentive we can all get behind amirite?

“Being from Decatur, I am personally invested in seeing DeKalb County thrive in every way possible,” Tucker said in a news release. “We are at a critical place in our fight against COVID-19 and I’m excited to do my part in advancing the efforts in DeKalb County.”

“When we’re seeing friends and loved ones dying from this virus, it’s no laughing matter. COVID-19 has impacted so many parts of our lives so it’s important for all of us to get involved in tackling this global issue.”

So true. Get vaxxed now, y’all or regret it later.

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