Rapper Tory Lanez Bailing Out Families in Need

Tory Lanez searching for new ways to combat prison reform.

Rapper Tory Lanez made a surprise delivery to LA nonprofit on Friday–by donating 50K–towards families bailing loved ones out of jail.

Talk about California love.

The “Say It” rapper dropped by Unite The People Inc, a non profit in Long Beach that offers legal services to needy families that have incarcerated loved ones.

Tory’s $50,000 donation will help 50 Cali families get much needed legal aid and start posting bail.

TMZ reports Tory has been on the board of Unite The People for three years and was compelled to help struggling families get reunited.

After dropping the donation stack Tory offered hugs and encouraging words to grateful families.

TMZ also reports the rapper’s mission is to focus on people that are disproportionately incarcerated due “racism and financial inequities.”

Sadly, he’s got a lot to choose from considering that bail set for Black men is 35% higher than what it would be set for White men, according to Pretrial Justice Institute.

The Institute notes a reliance on a money-based pretrial system instantly disadvantages people of color, who are more likely to be living in poverty.

Sheesh!! We’ve got a long way to go on prison reform, but appreciate strides Tory is making in this war.

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