MTV Star Candace Rice Makes Kids Holiday Wishes Come True

MTV Floribama Shore’s Candace Rice ditched her bikini for a red suit at her fourth annual Operation Christmas Giveback in Memphis on Tuesday.

Okay, ol girl wasn’t rocking the red suit, butttt she was raining down peace, love and joy to 150 needy kids in Memphis.

By surprising the kiddies with a shopping spree at Target ($250 gift cards were handed out) and lunch at Benihanas.

Followed by African American art lesson at Dixon Art Exhibition and Gallery.

Candace even hooked the kids up with a financial literacy bootcamp at Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis where kiddos learned how to make money grow.

Through her nonprofit Rice Foundation she teamed up with The CB Seed Foundation—founded by Black Panther actress/stuntwoman Carrie Bernans— they raised over $6,000 through the GoFundMe page.

The 150 kids were selected for the Giveback by teachers, community leaders and local Christian centers.

“Most of the recipients are in tears when they get the news of the spree — so overjoyed, they can’t fathom the thought of having the opportunity to select whatever they want,” Candace told MTV News.

She continued: “Last year, so many of the kids used their shopping spree funds to get food for their household and little presents for mothers. The selflessness in these children is the hope this world needs.”

Real talk. We all need a big dose of that these days. Salute to Candace and Carrie for bringing the wonder back into kids eyes. Kris Kringle ain’t got nothin’ on y’all.

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