Sports Legend Pays for Uvalde Funeral Expenses

Bo knows how to give back!!

Stories like these give me hope for humanity, cause bayybee it’s getting scary in these streets.

Thankfully there are more good people than bad (trust me) and one of them is football and baseball superstar Bo Jackson.

The Heisman Trophy recipient donated $170,000 to Uvalde to cover funeral expenses for 19 children and two teachers gunned down in mass shooting at Robb Elementary in May.

It’s just not right for parents to bury their kids. It’s just not right.

Bo Jackson tells AP

It never is, Bo.

Bo goes on to tell the AP that his generosity was so Uvalde families could just grieve without worrying about arrangements.

“I know every family there probably works their butts off just to do what they do. … The last thing they needed was to shell out thousands of dollars for something that never should have happened.”

On May 27th Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced an anonymous donor to cover Uvalde funeral expenses at a press conference, and that was Bo Jackson.

Bo says he reached out to Governor Abbott three days after the mass shooting and quietly donated the $170,000.

“Uvalde is a town that sticks in your mind. Just the name,” Jackson said. “I don’t know a soul there. It just touched me.”

How could it not?

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