IYB Woman Crush Wednesday | ‘Virgin Power! Virgin Pride!’

To say I have a crush on all seven of these Zimbian beauties–lined up in a row like blooming tulips in a nursery–would be an understatement.

Each 9-year-old taught me more about their struggles with abandonment, rape, AIDS and lack of education in their country than any NGO report ever could. With passion and poise each preteen girl stepped up and demanded to be heard. And seen for who they truly are. Not to be victims, but victors (to borrow from Rev. Osteen.) They refuse to be discriminated against, bullied, belittled, infected or labeled just a wife and mother. They each have dreams and know hard work will achieve them. Girl Power!!

The four minute video–captured by tech company/NGO Keepod to get Zambian schoolkids digitally connected–caught the attention of Global Citizen. The global community seeking to find answers to the world’s biggest conundrums like poverty and hunger (good luck with those head scratchers) and throwing a summer concert around it, were surprised to find each young girl had the answers to each of there dilemmas.

Value them and all they’re worth: a country’s future.

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