Drake’s Valentine Revealed

Drake added another good deed to his ever growing list.

The “God’s Plan” rapper used Cupid’s love arrow to strike a 63-year-old hotel maid from Miami with a full day of pampering.

According to People, Drake spoiled the housekeeper from Fontainebleau Miami Beach with a $10,000 Saks Fifth Avenue shopping spree.

Minutes after meeting her. “I always just saw him on the TV. So I said, ‘Drake!'” Paret told the Miami Herald about the moment the rapper introduced himself. “It made me happy…I thank him so much.”

Drake told the Miami native she could have whatever she wanted in the store.

Walking away with $800 flats, a $2,000 Valentino handbag, four perfumes and a $6,000 18-karat, white gold necklace with diamonds.


Before getting a massage in her own hotel’s spa. Boss moves, baby.

Drake teamed up with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown to give fairy God father treatment to Odalie Paret, a mother of five who travels four hours to get to work.

Don’t say this superwoman isn’t deserving of this VIP treatment.

Drake learned about Odalie’s story by reading about it her in Miami Herald–that focused on city’s increasing rent prices–and wanted to help her.

Talk about an epic Valentine’s Day.

Black Girl Magic! Sacramento Girl’s Good Deed Program

At 10 years old I was a Girl Scout drop out–don’t ask. And I would purposely smear glue on my hands just to peel it off. Hey, dont give me that judgey look. You did it too. Admit it.

But never once in my pre-teen years did making the world kinder, gentler and more patient enter my thought bubble. All those guilty of being a jaded New Yorker before 16 raise your hand *raising both hands.*

Thankfully 10-year-old Leah Nelson, of Sacramento, is more proactive about spreading good karma nationwide. FOX 40’s report–on the persistent Cali gal convincing strangers to do a random good deed for a stranger–went viral this week.

Unlike similar stories Leah’s “Becuz I Care” program involves a keepsake. Sorta. When a perfect stranger accepts her mission of “universal kindness” they receive a handmade bracelet with this note:  “Because I care is a program that can go all around the country. All you have to do is start with a few bracelets. Then whenever you do something nice for someone (i.e. buy their coffee at Starbucks, or pay them a compliment) you give them a bracelet, and pass down this message: In a world with so many issues, let’s just show other people that they are valued.”

Thanks to Fox (there’s a sentence never thought I’d write.) Leah’s message has gone global–she’s getting responses from England.


The junior social advocate even threw  a bracelet making party yesterday to keep up with demands.

I never thought it was going to get this big,” Leah said Tuesday evening while she and several friends got together for a bracelet-making party to meet increasing demand.

“I think because there are many issues in the world…it really brightens peoples’ days to hear that there’s still some kind things, good things, going on in the world,” she added.

Go ‘head and sprinkle that brown skinned goodness, girl.

To help the cause please click here.



Man Candy Monday | Players Serving Up Holiday Cheer


What better occasion than the holiday season to pull the sheet off of ‘Man Candy Monday’s’ section? None. After all it is the season of giving and it’s high time I give the guys some love.

While everyone is talking about one particular man that made a major fumble–not of the NFL variety, although–on national TV, I’d rather focus on the fellas that scored off the field for charity. Besides, If I see another Steve Harvey meme I won’t have anymore clean underwear. TMI…I know. Sorry.


Chris Bosh took a break from the hardwood to host his 5th annual Santa Bosh Workshop in Miami over the weekend. Local kids gorged on holiday treats, games and took photos with their favorite dinosaur Miami Heat ballplayer for his Team Tomorrow Foundation.

Not to be outdone, OKC Thunder’s Russell Westbrook also played chocolate Santa when he stopped by the City Rescue Mission. The NBA player gave 65 homeless kids new Jordan’s and backpacks. It was one of several good deed missions Westbrook completed through his Why Not? Foundation that aims to motivate kids to ask, “why not?”

Earlier this month, Westbrook took some lucky kids on a Christmas shopping spree on his dime. Annnnd prior to that he swapped nasty school lunches with Subway boxes for the students at Fillmore Elementary School.

Good deeds by good dudes!!


Feel Good Friday Roundup


As if the black girl magic of Shanice Williams as Dorothy in NBC’s The Wiz wasn’t enough to put us in a good mood. I woke up humming “Home.” Don’t act like I was the only one. Yeah, I didn’t think so. There are other reasons to slap on the Colgate smile. Yes, really.

Putting the San Bernardino shooting aside (don’t worry, coverage is still streaming on MSNBC, CNN, BBC…) and any other news related to terrorism, racism and other isms meant to harm others. Good things actually happened this week. Seriously.

For one, Ciara and Russell Westbrook gave us new relationship goal material. The adorable couple visited Seattle Childrens Hospital on Wednesday (Russell’s usual weekday haunt) and serenaded sweet little Louis with Feliz Navidad.

How can you not get in the holiday spirit after that.

A college student in Portland created her own unique coat drive. She bought winter coats from Goodwill (for $5) and draped them around light poles in downtown Portland with a note attached: “I am not lost. Please take me if you need me.”

free coats_1449009292835_27693815_ver1.0_640_480

Gabriella Kaper told ABC News she shared her idea about helping the homeless on social media and others have adopted it. Great timing since ABC News reports Portland is already experiencing the winter chill with below freezing temperatures. And the number of homeless average 200 a night in shelters.

Speaking of the homeless, Carmen Mendez was in a local restaurant last month when a homeless woman dropped in asking for patrons’ scraps of food. While other diners refused, Carmen not only offered her doggy bag, she also paid for the woman’s own meal.


So overcome with gratitude the woman hugged her. Carmen recalled the emotional moment on her Facebook post.

The look on her face said it all. I have never felt something like this–pure, real gratitude. That hug she gave me was like a hug I had never felt. Those tears she shed were felt deep in my heart.

Cue this heartwarming ballad and my ugly cry.


Feel Good Friday | A Boy’s Donation to a Mosque


Since last week’s terror attacks in Paris, really since 9/11, Muslim Americans have been profiled and targeted as extremists. And with silly season (elections) upon us the fear mongering is at an all time high–looking at you Trump. But, maybe just maybe there’s a solution to weeding out terrorists and not discriminating against Muslims.

Seven-year old Jack showed us there is. When the Austin, Texas res found out a local mosque was vandalized. He broke his piggybank to give them $20 he was saving for an iPad. According to The Daily Dot, Jack felt worshippers needed it more after finding “feces splattered in front of the mosque and torn pages from the Quran.”

Jack’s mom, Laura Swanson took him to drop off the donation at the Islamic Center of Plufgerville to show “what happened in Paris is not what’s happening in Plufgerville,”she told ABC News.

A sentiment Faisal Naeem, the mosque’s board member, appreciates.

“Jack’s $20 is worth $20 million to us because it’s the thought that counts…if we had more kind-hearted kids like them in the world, I have hope for our future.”

Jack’s good deed paid off. An anonymous member of the Muslim American community sent him an iPad with a note:

Dear Jack,
You had saved $20 in your piggybank for an Apple iPad. But then a local Islamic mosque was vandalized. So you donated you $20 to this local Texas mosque. Because of your amazing generosity & kind heart, please enjoy this Applie iPad with our sincere thanks 🙂

The American Muslim Community 🙂

The Muslim Guy blog posted pics of Jack with his new toy.


Thanks for the lesson in tolerance and compassion, buddy.




Feel Good Friday | Three Awww-Worthy Stories


As if we need  a reason to feel good about a Friday. Well, I’ve got three more to make you smile. Starting with a real heart warmer, former NFL player Warrick Dunn celebrated giving away his 145th home to a single-parent family through his charity. And that’s not all. The Tampa Bay running back–who started the org in 1997 (as a rookie) to honor  his late mom–provides food, furniture and other living essentials to combat poverty. Dunn just raised giving goals.

Speaking of giving, a motorcyclist and proven animal lover gave a kitty an extra life after rescuing him from an intersection. The bad ass cyclist stopped traffic and scooped up Skids (his new name) after falling from a moving vehicle. The whole ordeal was captured on the cyclist’s Go Pro camera. Watch the drama play out below.

Now all together now: awwww Oh, and Snitches is doing just fine.

Finally, Two Texas police officers pulled over a dad of three daughters with zero car seats. Before the reckless dad could pull out his wallet, the boys in blue pooled their own money to get the seats. Protect and serve, indeed.

cops car seat

And that’s your feel good Friday roundup. Happy Friday, Friday…


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Huffpost Good News

Feel Good Friday | Perfect Strangers to the Rescue

1378865292541400944helping hand

Happy Friday, folks!! Are you ready for the long holiday weekend? *raised hand* I am too, but before we rush off to get turnt up. I want to throw a spotlight on two deserving strangers whose stories I came across on Facebook.

The first is about a guy paying it forward.

Despite continuing to show his modesty by ordering the cheapest item at the wing spot, Fernando ordered the most expensive and traded with him. You never know who is watching…

A Rickey Smiley Fan Club posted this about this May-December friendship.

Who says escorts are out of style?

Happy Friday, ya’ll. Enjoy your Labor day weekend.