Feel Good Friday | Three Awww-Worthy Stories


As if we need  a reason to feel good about a Friday. Well, I’ve got three more to make you smile. Starting with a real heart warmer, former NFL player Warrick Dunn celebrated giving away his 145th home to a single-parent family through his charity. And that’s not all. The Tampa Bay running back–who started the org in 1997 (as a rookie) to honor  his late mom–provides food, furniture and other living essentials to combat poverty. Dunn just raised giving goals.

Speaking of giving, a motorcyclist and proven animal lover gave a kitty an extra life after rescuing him from an intersection. The bad ass cyclist stopped traffic and scooped up Skids (his new name) after falling from a moving vehicle. The whole ordeal was captured on the cyclist’s Go Pro camera. Watch the drama play out below.

Now all together now: awwww Oh, and Snitches is doing just fine.

Finally, Two Texas police officers pulled over a dad of three daughters with zero car seats. Before the reckless dad could pull out his wallet, the boys in blue pooled their own money to get the seats. Protect and serve, indeed.

cops car seat

And that’s your feel good Friday roundup. Happy Friday, Friday…


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