‘Black ‘hoods More Burdened By Climate Change’ Says SZA

SZA Instagram

SZA is our new fave tree hugger, guys. Oh, and, yes, this week’s woman crush wednesday.

The Good Days singer and songwriter has teamed up with TAZO tea. Yes, the tea company on Starbucks menu, to combat climate change in Black neighborhoods.

TAZO has officially gone green (not just their tea) by launching Tree Corps, a paid workforce to plant trees in areas most effected by climate change.

Local workers will be selected from five cities–Minneapolis, MN, Detroit, MI, the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, Richmond, VA and The Bronx, NY-to upgrade their green space.

Trees do more than beautify a neighborhood, they improve air quality, mental health and create economic opportunities and everyone deserves these benefits, says SZA in a statement.

Sadly Black and Brown communities have more contamination than trees.

“For many Americans, the effects of climate change are already here. Across the country, Black, Brown and Indigenous communities are already facing the worst of it. Some (communities) are 20 degrees hotter than whiter neighborhoods in the same city.” SZA says in video.

SZA faults discriminatory zoning policies as causing “sacrifice zones,” which are high pollutant neighborhoods near power plants and highways.

So, just know when a tree grows in the Bronx it’s helping a whole community tackle climate crisis and reduce environmental inequities.

For those interested in applying for Tazo Tree Corp workforce, click here

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