NFL Players Ray Rice and Deshaun Watson Tackle Hunger in Baltimore With Food Drive

Deshaun Watson Instagram

Let’s be real. When you think of Ray Rice, community service isn’t what comes to mind. Football and domestic violence are the first two topics in our thought bubble.

Rightly so.

But help is needed and was much appreciated when the former Baltimore Ravens player donated food to needy families at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Restaurant in Southeast Baltimore Saturday.

According to Fox 45 News, hundreds of cars braved the cold to get the free food. The food giveaway included fruit, vegetables, produce, eggs and protein. Each car was given two boxes. One box weighed 45 pounds. That’s a haul, y’all.

WFAN Sports Radio reports Rice drove boxes of food down from New Jersey earlier that same day.

Ray Rice on Carton & Roberts Sports Radio Show

With help from Jimmy’s Restaurant Co-Owner John Minadakis and Houston Texans NFL player Deshaun Watson, 10,000 B’More residents were fed.

“It doesn’t have to be a holiday you know when you are thinking about giving back you give back on any day,” said Rice.

“It will help me and my family at least we can have a nice dinner on the table something that is very hard to get right now with the funds being limited,” said Tammy Swann, who took advantage of food giveaway on Saturday.

Lord knows we all need a lil help in these ‘Rona times.

Rice is even taking his version of Meal on Wheels to Gainesville, Florida and Orlando in the coming days.

Good looks.

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