British Baddie: Gugu Mbatha-Raw is UN’s New Goodwill Ambassador

Gugu Mbatha-Raw at UN agency in Uganda

Declaring it now–Black girls are in formation to march all over our necks this month with their swagger.

Starting with our fave British godess Gugu Mbatha-Raw, UN’s newest Goodwill Ambassador for advocacy work with refugee families.

“I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to work in support of refugees and help amplify their voices. I am always amazed by their courage and strength in the face of such seemingly insurmountable odds and it’s a real honour to play a part in sharing their stories.” Gugu says in a statement.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Instagram

The Beyond the Lights star has worked with UN’s Refugee program since 2018, starting with UNHCR’s EveryOneCounts campaign that rejected xenophobia and endorsed acceptance and unity to solve global problems

More recently she took part in UNHCR’s Covid-19 awareness campaign.

“The crisis has also taught us that, in this interconnected world, we are only as strong as the most vulnerable in society. Inclusion of refugees is vital in ensuring the wellbeing of whole communities.”

Gugu has visited refugee camps in Rwanda and met Congolese and Burundian refugees that shared first hand stories of being displaced because of conflicts.

In Uganda she met refugee women sharing their stories of surviving sexually violent encounters resulting from conflicts.

Heavy work, but really necessary if we are to stay human and be kind to each other.

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