NJ Plumber Travels 22 Hours to Texas to Fix Burst Pipes Caused by Winter Ice Storm

Andrew Mitchell (r) and Isaiah Pinnock driving to Houston

Calling all plumbers! Calling all plumbers! Texas needs y’all, asap. So grab that toolbelt and head to H-town, Governor Greg Abbott says so.

New Jersey native Andrew Mitchell did just that–packing up $2,000 worth of supplies and driving 22 hours alongside his wife, Kisha Pinnock, their 2-year-old son Blake, and brother-in-law and apprentice Isaiah Pinnock–to Houston on Feb. 28th.

He wasn’t playing.

Andrew Mitchell getting to work!!

Mitchell hit the ground running, its been a week and he already serviced around 20 customers and a handful more waiting in the wings.

What’s more impressive is Mitchell charging customers only what they can afford. Unlike some other price gouging mofos taking advantage of the high demand for plumbers.

Andrew and Isaiah suiting up to get to work.

“I always ask a customer what do they think is fair, what do they have to spare,” Mitchell told NJ Advance Media. “I never try to take advantage of somebody.”

For 71-year-old Barbara Benson that’s a good thing. The Houston native spent a week without water after pipe burst behind her dishwasher. She called 14 plumbers and they were either booked for weeks or charged exorbitant rates like $2,000!? What?

Mitchell was a godsend for Benson when he patched up her pipes his first day in Houston.

“For a woman living by herself, you can get scammed easily and I was just pleasantly surprised,” Benson told NJ Advance Media. “It was like somebody’s watching out for me.”

Mitchell learned of the horrible conditions plaguing Texas from his sister-in-law who lives in Houston and sent an open call on Facebook for plumbers to help.

Kisha lined up customers for Mitchell, but more and more keep coming in.

“It’s been very, very hectic,” Kisha told NJ Advance Media. “Even last night, Andrew did not get in until 2 o’clock in the morning, and he was still getting calls at 2 o’clock in the morning… calls just keep coming in and it’s people who really need help.”

Not surprisingly, Mitchell has extended his stay in Houston to meet the demand for fixing all those bursting pipes due to the record cold temperatures that turned the city into a frozen tundra last month.

But it’s where he’s meant to be says his apprentice.

“It gets him going when people don’t have water,” Isaiah told NJ Advance Media of his brother-in-law and mentor. “Similar to if a chef … were to hear somebody’s going hungry, it would be his main prerogative to get those people a nice plate of food.”

Keep serving up that goodness, Andrew.

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