This is Us’ Lyric Ross Helping Foster Kids Find ‘Loving’ Homes

Lyric Ross looking chill

Y’all got your Kleenex nearby? Cause this story feels like it’s ripped from This is Us script.

Lyric Ross aka Deja Pearson–Beth and Randall’s adopted daughter on This is Us–is a celeb ambassador for nonprofit org Orphan Myth.

Lyric is helping the org with their “100 Percent Participation” campaign, which strives to get 100 foster kids into loving homes.

The teen actress tells People magazine foster care is an issue way too overlooked for her not to do something.

“I’m sure there are many people like me, who know nothing about it. It’s too big of an issue for us to overlook and turn away. I’m glad to help in any way I can to bring more attention to this issue.”

When Lyric started diving into Deja’s back story in second season of This is Us, she got a glimpse of the struggle foster kids have and shared with People how shook she was.

“Deja is a very complicated character, especially at first. A lot of it has to do with her history. Deja came into the Pearson home at the beginning of the second season and at the end of the second season, they decided to show a little more of her backstory, her history and her life.That’s when, for me, it was crazy — because I didn’t know there were kids out there going through all of this. Deja is a fictional character and she is very challenging and fun to play, but this is when I realized this is a serious thing. I was so grateful that I was on a show that actually was bringing awareness to this issue. It was a blessing, really, to a lot of people.”

Lyric isn’t the only one to use her celeb for goodness. Comedian Tiffany Haddish, who spent her childhood in foster care, is also an ambassador for Orphan Myth.

Lyric with other Orphan Myth celeb ambassadors

Orphan Myth aims to bring social awareness to foster families around the globe and United States by pooling community resources and mobilizing supporters.

The “100 Percent Participation” campaign launched on Thursday and will run through April 8th.

Here’s hoping the 100 foster kids find homes as loving as the Pearsons.

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