Ayesha and Stephen Curry Launch Magic Cheese Bus to Help Underprivileged

When can I move in?

This isn’t a regular cheese bus, y’all.

Ayesha and Stephen Curry rolled the real magic school bus (minus Ms Frizzle)—that acts as bookstore, basketball court and food truck—into Oakland on Wednesday to cheering kiddos.

Ayesha and Stephen Curry rolled out Eat Learn Play bus

The Eat.Learn.Play.Bus, brainchild of Currys Foundation, is a mobile resource for undeserved communities in the Bay Area impacted by food deserts and illiteracy.

The aim is to “distribute hot meals, grocery staples, fresh produce and free books to underserved children in Oakland,” Forbes reports.

“This idea came basically from me wanting to find a way to eradicate food deserts within the Oakland area,” Ayesha Curry told Yahoo News.

The pimped out yellow, pink and blue bus, designed by Cruising Kitchens, is a community center on wheels; passenger side is produce and grocery section with food stocked by Alameda County Community Food Bank.

The only thing missing is ice cream.

The driver’s side has free bookstore where books provided by Oakland Public Library, Literati and Oakland Literacy Coalition.

The Eat.Learn.Play. Bus also will host events on their rooftop deck boasting flat-screen TVs and even has a basketball hoop.

“We wanted to make it colorful and have all the hydraulics and antics to have that feeling like when you’re a kid and the ice cream trick would come driving down the street. We wanted kids to feel that same excitement about books and food,” Ayesha Curry told Forbes.

Damn. This bus has more amenities than my house.But it’s purpose is so much greater as well as it’s goal:

“aims to deliver 100,000 books, 50,000 hot meals and more than 500,000 pounds of fresh produce to families over the next year,” Foundation’s website reads.

It’s needed. Eat.Learn.Play reports 37% of kids live in food insecure homes with Black and Brown kids being most affected.

Here is hoping for more magic school buses to close those gaps.

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