Rapper Young Jeezy Donates $1 Million to Real Estate Academy


On the heels of Young Jeezy’s arrest– for an AK-47 found on his tour bus that wasn’t his, but connected to a Wiz Khalifa concert shooting–he’s giving back to future Donald Trump-type captains of real estate.

The “Seen It All” lyricist pulled a $1 million dollar check out his wallet as a donation to the Jay Morrison Academy; an online school that offers coaching in real estate deals.

Because of Young Jeezy’s generous donation through his Street Dreamz Foundation, which looks for opportunities to give back to communities in need for over a decade, 1,000 underprivileged students (including felons and single moms) can enroll for free.

And also cover the cost to textbooks and mentoring calls. Anyone else considering making a career change to take advantage of this sweet deal?

If you are, it will make Young Jeezy’s contribution worthwhile. This is what he said about his donation:

A wise man told me one time if you want to help your community give them something else to sell besides drugs, give them something else to sell. I think this is a great opportunity, for young entrepreneurs, for the young real estate guys who want to get into something else, even for the community overall.

Thanks for creating that something else, J.

For those interested in applying for the academy’s scholarship click here.

LL Cool J and Russell Simmons Visit Incarcerated Teens for Anti-Violence Initiative

Image Courtesy: New York Daily News

Image Courtesy: New York Daily News

The two legends of the recording industry unify their star power to promote anti-violence programs that will protect youth. LL Cool J and Russell Simmons visited a Queens (where they both hail from) housing project hit hardest by the violence.

The GOAT rapper and hip hop mogul chatted with kids about their defense against violence: LIFE Camp, a group of local based-peacekeepers that act as “violence interrupters” when tensions begin to escalate. Their job is to lead raging teens in a more positive and peaceful direction.

To hear what LL and Russell Simmons told the crowd click here

After leaving their old stomping grounds they visited Rikers Island to offer encouraging words to incarcerated young people that could also benefit from the LIFE Camp. LL and Russell revealed their upbringings could have easily led them right where they are now. But, told them not to give up on the fresh start that awaits them later. Simmons preached to them about focusing on their inner thoughts.

The LIFE Camp is funded through Russell Simmons’ prepaid debit RUSH Cards. The millionaire philanthropist already donated $100,000 to the community initiative.

It’s nice to see influential celebs being hands on with this overlooked issue. Kudos, guys.

Kevin Hart Surprises Lil Fundraiser with Large Donation in Philly Hometown


Last weekend may have been Kevin Hart’s birthday, but he was the one surprising fans with his big heart (awwww).  In a hometown visit to Philly the funnyman came across 8-year-old Kyshone Smith, while visiting his fav cheesesteak joint (Max’s Steaks, if you’re wondering), who was selling bottled water and homemade jewelry. Undaunted by Kevin’s entourage of fans and handlers Kyshone asked if he’d buy a bottled water.

“I want 20 bottles,” Hart reportedly said.

Kyshone was stunned by the large order, but the comedian quelled his anxiety by saying he was joking and handed him a crisp $50 before getting to those cheesesteaks.

Kyshone was with his grandmother, Janice Brown, who is using money raised for the water and jewelry to fund charities in recognition of her daughter and granddaughter (who was 11 months.) They were both killed when a driver ran into them on the sidewalk while attempting to get away from police.

“Even though his last name is Hart, he has a great heart. He hasn’t forgotten about where he comes from,” Brown told Philly.com.

Kevin’s goodwill tour also included posting a funny Instagram video of him supporting the local bootleg DVD man by purchasing Think Like a Man Two!!!

Sounds like a memorable 35th b-day, Kev.

Beyoncé Donates $7 Million to Build Housing for Houston’s Homeless

The 2009 built apartment complex Beyonce helped fund in H-town. image courtesy: Temenoscdc

The 2009 built apartment complex Beyonce helped fund in H-town. image courtesy: Temenoscdc

Bey may be on the run with her hubby, but her heart is still in H-town. Hence the queen dipping into her honey money jar and dropping $7 milly towards a 43-unit apartment complex for low-income and homeless people in Houston.

The money will be used to expand construction on the Knowles-Tenemos Place Apartments that originally broke ground in 2009. The charitable donation is one of many the powerhouse performer has loosened her purse strings for recently.

image courtesy: Instagram

image courtesy: Instagram

And valued by her Pastor–Rudy Rasmus of St. John’s United Methodist Church –that is overseeing the low income housing project, which includes HIV/AIDS screenings and job preparation.

He praised Beyoncé for her on-going generosity in a radio interview.

“She’s an incredible human being. Has an incredible heart and has been extremely helpful in our mission and ministry here.”

Wait. There’s more. He goes on to say how fortunate he is to have her as a pal (amen to that).

“She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work and I’m glad she’s a friend of mine.”

We should all be so lucky.

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION: Beyonce Opens Wallet for Chime for Change Charity

Image Courtesy: Chime for Change

Image Courtesy: Chime for Change

Beyoncé definitely wanted to leave a mark on the one year anniversary of Chime for Change‘s launch, and the $500 G check she donated will surely be a reminder she was there. That is at the GUCCI store in NY last night basking in the revelry of another year, as co-founder of the org,  helping young women be empowered with the org’s over 300 projects related to health, education and career counseling services across the globe.

This time last year she was slaying the stage for a good cause, this go ’round she was head-bopping to beats her lil sis Solange was churning out. In other words there was nothing but good vibes flowing through the store.

Bey’s half a milly handout will be spread out to three major parts of Chime for Change: $125 Gs will go towards educating 100 Kenyan girls; another $125 Gs will be used for over 300 infant items throughout Sub-Saharan African countries; the remaining quarter million will be split between youth leadership and mentoring programs in NYC and supporting 25 human trafficking survivors with recovery treatments in LA.

Money well spent, Bey.

Beyonce and Jay Z Are On The Run for Charity

Image Courtesy: Beyonce Facebook

Image Courtesy: Beyonce Facebook

Unless you live under a rock on Mars, you know the “never tired” first couple of hip hop and R&B (Jay & Bey) will be making their way back to a stage near you this summer.

For tour dates click here

What you probably don’t know is that proceeds from the “On The Run: Beyonce and Jay Z” tour in association with #BeyGOOD, will go towards the power duo’s respected charities. Every ticket purchased for the North American concert, a $1 will be donated to the Shawn Carter Foundation that provides college scholarships to low-income students.

And that’s not all. For the high rollers snagging Chase Lounge VIP Ticket packages, you should know a portion of the money will also go to the Shawn Carter Foundation.

DYNAMIC DUO: Beyonce and Boots, Singer/Producer Create Soulful Duet Ballad for Charity

Image Courtesy: Consequencesof Sound.net

Image Courtesy:
Consequencesof Sound.net

I know one name didn’t look familiar to you above. Well, let me pour some tea in your cup. Boots aka Jordy Asher is a producer/singer signed to Jay Z’s label Roc Nation. Boots (unknowingly) helped make our holiday season all the more brighter by contributing to “Drunk in Love” and “85% of Beyonce album.” For that, we thank you. And we may need to throw another gracias his way after hearing his duet with Beyonce called “Dreams.”

This haunting ballad is the cherry on top of Boot’s mixtape he’s been teasing us with piecemeal tracks on Facebook for two months. Well, you tell me if it was worth the wait by tapping your feet to King Bey and Boots’ “Dreams” beat below:

Tots worth the wait, amirite? Not only that but it’s also worth the $1 download because every bit of it will go towards an org spreading awareness for teen dating violence. Boots released a statement about the non-profit and why he wanted to donate money to them:

A while back I promised myself that if I ever had the opportunity to help others, or give back in some way, I would seize it. A friend recently told me about a non-profit organization called “Day One” here in NYC. In their words, “Day One is the only organization in New York City solely devoted to the issue of teen dating violence.” I feel that protecting women from these horrible and unthinkable acts should take precedence in our society. I feel passionate about this because if more women knew that safe places existed from the turmoil they experience, it could possibly prevent these situations from occurring or reoccurring. Every cent made from this song will go directly to http://dayoneny.org

So refreshing to see famous artists get behind a cause that largely goes unnoticed. It’s beyond me how people can turn a blind eye to Gabriella or Alisa’s survivor stories. Thank God, for those that don’t.

The Obama’s Charitable Donations Dipped in 2013

Courtesy: White House

Courtesy: White House

Kiss those W2 and 1040s buh bye. Tax season is officially ova (can I get an amen?). Cue, the long held tradition of snooping through the First Family’s tax forms to dissect their financial standing. And, of course, to see what generosity or stinginess level their on for charitable giving.

To answer the immediate question: the Obamas paid nearly $100,000 in taxes (better them than me.) annnndddd Uncle Sam thanks ya.

Now let’s see who should thank the Obamas for opening their wallets and hearts (awww) to giving. Uh Oh. Okay, from the surface doling out $59,251 to 32 charities is very much worth an applause (clapclapclapclap). Hell, a standing ovation, cause we all know regular folk donate to one, possibly two charities on average. However, wading through the keeping it real waters, pulled in this wave of truth: their charitable giving dipped significantly; in 2012 the first couple donated over $150,000 to charities.

Welp, the takeaway for me is this economy is a helluva nuisance, even for the commander-in-chief. To be fair, income from Obama’s books has declined, so he’s relying solely on his presidency paycheck.

Despite the shortcomings, the family is still lending a helpful hand to worthy orgs. Like The Fisher House Foundation that caters to military families. The First Family donated over $8,000 last year. Also $4,000 went to the Red Cross and $2,000 to One Fund Boston that aids victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Every little bit or every big bit to help those in need.

Beyonce’s #BeyGOOD Campaign Raises £85 for Prince’s Trust in UK

Image Courtesy: beyonce.com/beygood

Image Courtesy: beyonce.com/beygood

The Mrs Carter World Tour may be over, but the busiest Bey on the planet is still bringing in the honey money. Beyonce’s BeyGOOD campaign–enforcing kindness and generosity to others–has raised £85,000 (roughly translates to over $142k in US dollars) for the Prince’s Trust with her UK leg of MCWT.

Chief Executive of Prince’s Trust, Martina Milburn couldn’t help but bow down to Beyonce’s influence in helping other.

“Thanks to Beyoncé and the #BeyGOOD campaign, disadvantaged young people across the UK will have the chance of a better future, despite facing challenges such as poverty, homelessness and mental health issues. We cannot thank both Beyoncé and all those who donated enough for their generous support.”

The XO singer urged concertgoers to text donations, make an online donation or at the venue where she was no doubt slaying the stage. The funds will be used to help young people with disadvantaged backgrounds (homelessness, mental issues) find jobs.

The Prince’s Trust was founded in 1976 to reach out to young people (13-to-30-year-olds) struggling with unemployment or school. The program is an attempt by the Prince of Wales to prevent them from falling through the cracks of an economy in which 1 and 5 is out of work.

It’s not to late to make a BeyGOOD contribution, click here for more info.

Yay or Nay? Donations Pour in For Homeless Woman Leaving Kids in Hot Car During Job Interview


I’m on the fence with this story. Yes, the woman was wrong to leave her two kids cooped up in a car in 90° weather. Actually, I’ll take it a step further, it was irresponsible.  But, what makes this story so disturbingly a sign of the times is I’m sure the mom weighed the risks of her children possibly suffering heat stroke and dehydration with losing out on a rare chance (in this economy) at a job. How can you possibly flip that coin and come out a winner?

Shanesha Taylor lost big time: her freedom, her two kids (two-year-old boy and six month baby) and likely the job at the insurance company she interviewed for. Yet, gained the sympathy of those people shaking their heads and raising eyebrows at her tragic choice. Global Grind reported New Jerseyans Amanda Brown did more than that; she set up the Shanesha Taylor Fundraiser site because she’s been in the same shoes as the young mom:

“I had a mother and family in general who struggled raising us and had to rely on other resources to provide for us and sometimes made not the greatest choices.”

So far the site has raised $99,436, surpassing a goal of $9,000, going towards Shanesha’s well-being. The young mom has posted bail– thanks to the generosity of a local Arizona church–and will continue keeping tabs on her progress.

Click here to donate and learn more about her story.

Would you donate money to Shanesha considering what she did? Do you think she’s the poster child for the unemployed and homeless problem in this country?